There are service opportunities throughout the year where students can make a difference, stay tuned to gpch.students for when those pop up! The most consistent opportunity is the Second Saturday Serves throughout the year where we join adult members in our congregation to serve the local community. Some other opportunities you will find include serving on one of the Student Ministries' teams, helping with Children's ministries childcare and VBS events, and volunteering with other nearby schools and ministries throughout west Houston. Then, of course, we have annual mission trips...see below for more info!

High School— June 23-29, 2024

Our High School Students (10th graders-college freshmen in Fall 2024) are partnering with Adventures in Mission and are headed to Mississippi! The trip will be held from June 23-29, 2024!

Because we have so many high school students who are on fire for Jesus and who are hard workers, we agreed the best place would be where they could do a lot of relational ministry, along with meeting any manual labor needs! Want to register? Click HERE!

Contact Daniel Baudin or Liz Moran if you have any questions!

Middle School — July 7-12, 2024

Our Middle School Students (7th-9th graders in Fall 2024) and leaders will be partnering with Servant Life as they serve our neighbors right here in Houston! The trip will be from July 7-12, 2024! 

We'll be partnering with Servant Life helping in VBS, community service projects, Bible clubs, sports camps, and other outreach. As we get closer to July, we will know more specifics. What we do know is that, as of now, we will be staying in a facility with bunk beds and showers! Want to register? Click HERE!

Contact Daniel Baudin or Liz Moran if you have any questions!

Want to Support Our Trips?

You can donate directly to Youth Missions through this link!

Who is Christopher Cole Knight?

Christopher Cole Knight was a young man with unstoppable faith and love for Christ and he lived to make that visible every day. Cole lived to serve and he invited others to do the same. He was truly a man with a mission.

The Cole Knight Missions Scholarship Fund was created as a tangible way to carry on Cole’s mission – to help pave the way for individuals who display that same servant heart and passion for serving God through serving others. Each year the Scholarship Fund helps scholarship recipients cover the cost of their participation in Grace Student Ministries mission trips and other mission opportunities throughout the year.

Congratulations to the 2024 scholarship recipients:

• Angel Caxaj

• Gabriela Ocampo

To donate to the Cole Knight Missions Scholarship Fund click the button below and enter Cole Knight Missions Scholarship Fund in the Mission Partner box in the online form.

Learn more here!